The Dude Network Monitoring

This page details my installation of The Dude network monitoring package.

The Dude is free software and maybe downloaded from its home page:

To save on a licence of Microsoft Windows I have installed The Dude within emulation on Fedora Linux.
Currently a reinstallable licence of Microsoft Windows costs $360 which is more than the cost of the hardware.
Details about installing The Dude within Wine may also be found on the authors web site:

I have also connected The Dude to the freeware AVIS Event Router.
This enables The Dude to transmit Elvin Notifications around my LAN.

The AVIS Event Router is freely available via its home page:

Example ISP Outage

A network outage with my TPG ISP may have a notification forward across my LAN to connected Windows, Mac and Linux workstations.

Here is my residential network as monitored by The Dude.
I am using a VNC remote console from my Windows 7 desktop to the Fedora Linux server.
You may also view The Dude on the physical console screen if the LAN is down.

Shown is a real TPG ISP outage as indicated by the RED icon for

NOTE: You may click on the screenshots to view a larger image.

A Network Map showing a TPG outage

When the outage is rectified the RED icon, for, changes back to GREEN.
Sound effects for loss of connection and restoration are enabled.

Additionally an Elvin Notification is issued saying that " is now up (ok)".
As shown at the bottom of the screen.

A Network Map showing a network restoration

This Elvin Notification is also seen on connected Windows, Mac and Linux workstation on my residential network using the Elvin Sticker Tickertape application.

Sticker is freely available via its home page:

You are required to connect your Sticker Tickertape client running on Windows 7 to Elvin as shown.

Sticker Elvin service

You are required to add the Status group as shown.

Sticker status group

Here is a Windows 7 desktop with the Elvin notification displayed at the top of screen.

A Windows 7 screenshot showing a network restoration

Here is the Sticker Tickertape Message history running on Windows 7.
Shown is the TPG outage between 11:08am and 12:21pm.

Sticker message history

Notification Setup

Here are the notifications connected to the device icon.

The notifications of the device

Here is the Red Alert audible alert connected to the device icon.

Red alert sound notification within The Dude

This is the configuration setting to connect The Dude to The AVIS Event Router.
A tick.exe Elvin producer is called by The Dude and passed the details of the network event.

Elvin event notification within The Dude

AVIS Event Producer

Here is a screen shot of where the tick.exe Elvin producer is saved on the computer.
It is placed in the root users Wine account in /root/.wine/drive_c/users/root

The AVIS library avis.dll is also located here.

tick.exe Elvin event producer

I have installed both the redalert.wav and allclear.wav sounds in this folder too.

I have made the source code for tick.exe available here:
It is complied using Visual Studio 2008.

The AVIS C client library maybe downloaded here: