Rolls Printing Inventory Software

On this page we detail the Medical Records Inventory Software that was written at Monash University in Frankston for Rolls Printing during 1991.

1. Introduction

The inventory system was written in Clipper and you may view the top level script here. The MAIN procedure would setup the screen and display the Main Menu.

Two auxiliary C functions were written to manipulate the textual screen. Firstly we defined a C header file and a C source file. The shadow C function would draw a shadow around the bottom and right sides of a text popup window. The screentext C function would extract screen text from saved screen areas.

In the next section we display example menu screens. This is the Clipper source code for menu setup and the source code for the general menu function.

2. Screen Examples

We see here the Main Menu screen followed by the Order Menu screen.

Figure 1: Main Menu Screen

Figure 2: Order Menu Screen

Next is an example of how to enter an order. Firstly we select a customer then we select the items and the quantity of packs from current stock

Figure 3: Entering An Order Screen

Figure 4: Entering Order Items Screen

From the item details menu we see an example of updating the details of individual items and their pack sizes.

Figure 5: Item Search Screen

Figure 6: Item Details

Here is the Reports Menu followed by the Stock Movement In/Out report screen. This will generate a printout on the configured printer.

Figure 7: Reports Menu Screen

Figure 8: Stock Movement In/Out Printing Screen

Next we see the Stock Control screen. This is used to manage the addition or loss of stock in the warehouse. The re-order level may be adjusted and a per unit cost may be entered for predicting stock asset value.

Figure 9: Stock Control Screen

3. Environment Program

We see here the Environ program's Environment Menu screen. This is the separate application used to configure the inventory system.

Figure 10: Stock Control Screen

This is an example of screen color setup.

Figure 11: Color Selection Screen

This is an example of printer setup.

Figure 12: Printer Control Screen

4. Demonstration Logo

A demonstration of the system was setup at the end of 1991 in the union building of Monash University in Clayton. I wrote a C program to display the Rolls logo in VGA graphics as a splash screen for the demonstration.

This is a screen capture of the default yellow Rolls logo.

Figure 13: Demonstration Logo Screen

Next we display the help screen from Rolls.exe

D:\ROCODE>rolls /?

Rolls Printing Logo Program                    Copyright 1992 Rohan Fletcher

Usage: rolls [switch]

Displays the Rolls logo in graphics format. (Requires an EGA or VGA monitor)
The program is terminated at any time by pressing a key.

/T nnn - Displays the logo nnn times. (Default = 1)
/C     - Displays the logo continously.
/H     - Displays the logo and holds it on the screen.
/RAND  - Displays the logo in random colors. (NOTE: Overrides /R & /L)
/EGA   - Overrides VGA detection, MUST be before /R or /L if they are used.
/R nn  - Defines the color of the rolls letters. (Range 0 - 63, Default = 14)
/L nn  - Defines the color of the solid line. (Range 0 - 63, Default = 14)
/R rr gg bb - Defines the color of the rolls letters.
              rr - red, gg - green, bb - blue (Range 0 - 63, Default 63 63 0)
/L rr gg bb - Defines the color of the solid line.
              rr - red, gg - green, bb - blue (Range 0 - 63, Default 63 63 0)


Figure 14: Rolls.exe Help Screen

A simple DOS batch script was written to display the logo before starting the application.

rolls /rand

Figure 15: Demonstration Batch Script

5. Conclusion

This concludes our tour of the inventory program.

Maintenance of the application was done during 1992 but the operational lifespan of the application remains unknown to the authors.