30 years experience programming in many computer languages


Experienced writing SQL in a number of MySQL databases used for research.

Website: http://dnabuddy.org

Experienced automating the execution of embarrassingly parallel SQL scripts running within a Dell PowerEdge server hosted on the NeCTAR research cloud.

This includes using a number of MySQL components:

  • Data Imports
  • MyISAM and InnoDB Storage Engines
  • Transaction Control
  • Explain
  • Clustered and Secondary Indexes
  • Stored Procedures
  • Cursors
  • LOOP Block
  • Multiple Table Joins
  • Sub Queries
  • Auto-Increment Fields
  • User Defined Variables
  • Prepared Statements
  • Triggers
  • Running Totals
  • Lagged Variables

Developer of a FireBird SQL database backend with Microsoft Access frontend used in Veterinary retail.

Website: http://vetbasic.org

This includes using a number of Firebird SQL components:

  • Generators
  • ODBC

  • Acknowledged for research contributions towards 4 journal publications using SQL
  • C#

    Using Microsoft Visual Studio experienced at writing C# code for desktop GUI applications and background services.

    At Monash University developed the DBRealTime Visual C# GUI program to show the progress of embarrassingly parallel SQL queries.

    This includes using a number of C# components:

    • Windows Forms
    • MySQL .NET Connector
    • Microsoft Office API Objects
    • Events
    • Exception Handling
    • Icon Manifest

    At Peter Mac Implemented C# .NET services for background processing of queries generated using a web frontend.

    Website: http://dnabuddy.org

    Developed a Visual C# installer using InstallAnywhere and added custom Visual C# GUI forms.

    Link: https://www.flexera.com/products/installation/installanywhere.html

  • Exhibited poster detailing the genomic database at Clinical Research Excellence 2007.

  • C++

    Using Microsoft Visual Studio experienced at writing C++ console applications.

    At Monash University implemented a suite of C++ programs for research in to Fundamental Indexation.

    This includes using a number of C++ components:

    • Namespaces
    • Maps
    • Vectors
    • Iterators
    • Enum

    Used the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) to add regression functionality to the C++ code.

    Link: https://www.gnu.org/software/gsl/

    A utility program named Aggro was written to support the generation of tables in our journal publications.

    The AggRo application is available for download with source code.

    Link: http://rocode.com/aggro/

  • Acknowledged for research contributions towards 2 journal publications using C++
  • VBA

    Authored VBA software within a Microsoft Access frontend to connect with a Firebird SQL database backend.

    Website: http://vetbasic.org

    Experienced tutoring undergraduates and postgraduates on how to write good practice VBA code at Monash University.

    In the subjects BFC3540 Modelling In Finance and BFC5936 Financial Modelling have taught, using Microsoft Excel, programming concepts including:

    • Debugging
    • Commenting
    • Indentation
    • Data Types
    • Variable Declaration
    • Arrays
    • Conditional Statements
    • Conditional Operators
    • Looping Constructs

    We also teach how to use a number of Excel features including:

    • Absolute and Relative Addressing
    • Transpose
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Data Tables
    • Goal Seek

    PowerPoints: BFC3540 Modelling In Finance

    Website: http://monash.edu.au/pubs/2016handbooks/units/BFC3540.html

    Website: http://monash.edu.au/pubs/2019handbooks/units/BFC5936.html

  • Awarded a purple letter for teaching excellence within BFC3540 during 2017

  • Java

    Implemented inter-operable components using Java at DSTC.

    Used the Java Compiler Compiler (JavaCC) to add annotation syntax to the Java language.

    Link: https://javacc.org

  • Authored conference paper detailing Inter-operable Components published at TOOLS Pacific '99

  • Web

    At Monash University implemented web front end using XAMMP to hold superannuation data.

    Implemented it using HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript and connected it to a high availability MySQL server.

    Maintained the DSTC Intergrator Demonstrator platform, running on Linux and Windows, written using Zope.


    Using GNU C have written open source console applications connecting to AVIS on Ubuntu Linux and Rasbian Linux.

    See the simple tick.c program:

    Link: http://rocode.com/elvin/#TICK

    At Rolls Printing experienced using Borland C to write software addons to Clipper code.

    Link: http://rocode.com/rolls/


    Tutoring undergraduates at Monash University in using Cobol 85.

    Shell Scripting

    Experienced on Linux using bash and csh.