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In addition to my employment I also perform many small hobby projects that utilise my technical skills.


Please visit my blog for the most up-to-date information with regards to my hobbies. .


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Screencast: Link for a screencast Circuit Diagram: Link for circuit diagram Pivot Chart: Link for a pivot chart

Local Area Networking

Zentyal Gateway

Details of my ASUS EeeBox Mini computer running Zentyal Linux.

The Dude Network Monitoring

Details of my installation of The Dude network monitoring package.

AVIS Event Router Watch how AVIS with a subscribed Tickertape is used with Freeview EPG Watch how an event is sent to a subscribed Tickertape from the DOS command line

Details of my installation of the AVIS Event Router.

Network Enabled Sensors Watch how a reed switch may emit Elvin notifiations Reed Switch Circuit Diagram PIR Module Circuit Diagram Pressure Mat Circuit Diagram

Details of my experimentation with internet connected sensors around my home. Watch how a 1-wire thermal probe is used with a LED display and speaker Hourly Temperature Chart A Hourly Temperature Chart B

Details on my 1-wire temperature sensor and LED display.


Mythbuntu Media Centre Watch how I use Mythbuntu with an ASRock ION 3D Nettop PC

Details of my ASRock ION 3D Nettop computer running Mythbuntu Linux.

FM Music Transmitter

How I play randomly from a playlist of music and broadcast it to a FM Transmitter.

EZCAP DAB+ Receiver

Details of my Ezcap DAB+ receiver running on Windows 7.

Web Site Programming

Screencasts for Multiple Browsers

Details of how I create screencasts that should play on most browsers.

Social Networking Website Enhancements

Details of how I add social networking enhancements to my websites.

Google Analytics Website Statistics

Details of how I add Google Analytics monitoring to my websites.


PowerSwitch Tail Home Automation

Detailing the soldering a PowerSwitch Tail kit and connecting it to a Raspberry Pi.

Ripping and Tagging CDs

How I rip CDs using free software.

System Tune Up

Tools to tune up your system.