30 years experience using a number of computer hardware platforms


Have used Raspberry Pi and Nettop computers to network enable sensors including a number of security and weather sensors.

Purchased many models of Raspberry Pi. Starting from the original Model B computer to the more recent Model 3B.

Have tried a number of operating systems including Raspbian, Ubuntu Mate, Pidora and OpenElec.

Have connected a number of security sensors to the GPIO (general-purpose input/output) port of Raspberry Pi.

This includes PIR sensors, reed switches and pressure mats.

Link: http://rocode.com/sensors/

  • Attended training in the installation of the Supa 8 Burglar Alarm at PSA Products

  • Cloud Computing

    Holder of Ubuntu Linux and Windows virual machines, within the NeCTAR research cloud, whilst at Monash University.

    Link: https://nectar.org.au/

    User of Red Hat virtual servers on a Blade Cloud at Peter Mac.

    Laser Printers

    Using JetForm Server have configured printing to Laser Printers across a number of geographic locations at Monash University.

    Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JetForm

  • Attended training at Jetform Pacific in Sydney

  • VPN Routers

    Purchased Netgear ProSafe VPN routers at Community Veterinary Services and connected them to ISP services.

    Implemented Class-C reserved networking topology across multiple business locations permitting concurrent database access.

    Voip Adapters

    Use Voip adapters with Asterisk at home and connected them to ISP services.

    Intel Desktops

    Purchased a high end business Dell desktop at PeterMac that was used as a bioinformatics research workstation running long term processing tasks.

    Digital Equipment Corporation

    At Monash University was administration staff of VAX Alpha computers running VMS and Digital Unix.

  • Attended training in the Digital Unix platform at Global Knowledge Networks

  • Sun Microsystems

    At DSTC used a SPARC station running Solaris.


    During the 1980s used a Plus 4 running BASIC.