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Better Superannuation Outcomes:

Information, Options and Short-Term and Long-term Member Behaviour

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Cluster Project 3

The project included members from multiple Monash University campuses, University of Oxford and The University of Western Australia.

CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster working papers

Over 20 PowerPoint presentations were delivered in person or via Google Plus Hangouts.

A sample set of PowerPoint slides that were made during 2013 maybe found via this link. Watch a presentation of the Funds Management Cluster Database


A MySQL database (using a High Availability MySQL Enterprise Server) was built to hold Australian and UK superannuation member data. A web interface using an Enterprise Red Hat Linux virtual machine was built using PhP, Javascript, Xajax and Pentaho Kettle.

Funds Management Cluster Database

FMCD System Composition


A development database was established using a Reserved Class C Network and MySQL Community Edition.

Funds Management Cluster Development Database

Development Database Network

Development Database Discs

Development Database Discs