Ezcap DAB+ Demonstration using Windows 7

This page details my Ezcap DVB-T FM DAB Tuner running on Windows 7.

After a long search online, I found out that there is no DAB+ software for Linux.
DVB-T reception using the Ezcap is supported on Linux but not the DAB+ reception.


I purchased an Ezcap DVB-T FM DAB USB receiver from ebay for $22.

USB Adaptor

A small USB dongle was included.

Ezcap Dongle

Photo 1: Ezcap Dongle


A small desktop antenna was included.

Ezcap Antenna

Photo 2: Ezcap Antenna

Remote Control

A remote control was included.

Ezcap Remote

Photo 3: Ezcap Remote Control

I found that the remote control must be very close to the dongle to work.


Included with the USB dongle is a copy of Presto! PVR. This included DVB-T, DAB+ and FM radio support.

Using the included desktop antenna I was able to receive all DAB+ radio stations.
I was able to receive only the high powered FM stations.
I was unable to receive Digital TV using the desktop antenna.

Here is a screenshot of the DAB+ stations as automatically tuned from here in Melbourne.

Presto! PVT Software

Screenshot 1: Presto! PVR and DAB+

Unfortuately there is no recording facility for the DAB+ radio.

The Presto! PVR program crashes sometimes when changing DAB+ stations.
On restarting it works again.

The software comes with buttons for EPG, Teletext and Subtitles.
They are all disabled (grayed out) for all stations.