30 years experience across a range of disciplines


Member of the Banking & Finance Department of the Monash Business School

DBA responsibilities using MySQL for a 4 terabyte ASX exchange trading dataset hosted within the NeCTAR research cloud on a Dell Poweredge big memory machine. Star project within the CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster.

PowerPoints: Financial Markets Workshop, CSIRO Superannuation Conference

Website: http://www.superresearchcluster.com/outputs/fund-indexing,-style-and-hedge-funds

Assembled a database that was hosted on MySQL (using a High Availability MySQL Enterprise Server) and held Australian and UK superannuation member data via the University of Oxford. A web interface using a Red Hat Linux virtual machine was built using PhP, Javascript, Xajax and Pentaho Kettle. Collaborated with the University of Western Australia.

PowerPoints: Funds Management Cluster Update

Website: http://www.superresearchcluster.com/outputs/short-and-long-term-member-behaviour

Authored an applications suite built using C++, in Microsoft Visual Studio, that simulated using accounting fundamentals. The CRSP/Compustat Merged Database for portfolio indexation provided data from the USA Nyse and Nasdaq stock exchanges. The project was sponsored by an Australian Research Council (ARC) linkage grant.

PowerPoints: VFMC Stakeholder Report

Website: https://research.monash.edu/en/projects/an-empirical-examination-of-non-market-capitalisation-weighted-in

A utility program named Aggro was written to support the generation of tables in our journal publications.

Link: http://rocode.com/aggro/

  • Acknowledged for excellent research contributions towards 6 publications in A-ranked finance journals

  • Distributed Systems

    Member of the Distributed Systems Technology Centre (Co-operative Research Centre), a world leading think tank of distributed systems research and development.

    Research of components using Java for distributed enterprise information systems.

    Website: http://www.csse.monash.edu.au:80/dsse/trustme/

    Tested C code of the enterprise messaging product. This is an application invented by the DSTC CRC. It is a publish and subscribe by content event router. The project received substantial funding from the USA governments Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It was written in portable C but has since been rebuilt in open source Java.

    Website: http://elvin.dstc.edu.au:80/

  • Authored conference paper detailing Inter-operable Components published at TOOLS Pacific '99

  • Oncology

    Member of the Research Division of Peter Mac

    Authored bioinformatics repository to store microarray datasets downloaded from the USA department of health Genomic Express Omnibus (GEO) and for the storage of in-house created microarray datasets.

    PowerPoints: Genomic Hub Presentation, Database Initial Release

    Website: http://dnabuddy.org

  • Exhibited poster detailing the genomic database at Clinical Research Excellence 2007

  • Higher Education

    Tutor of undergraduates at Monash University from both the IT Faculty and Business School.

    Face to face teaching within:

    1. SFT2100 Structured Programming
    2. BFC3540 Modelling In Finance ( Unit evaluation 2017 )

    PowerPoints: BFC3540 Modelling In Finance

    Website: http://monash.edu.au/pubs/2016handbooks/units/BFC3540.html

  • Awarded a purple letter for teaching excellence within BFC3540 during 2017

  • Veterinary

    Member of Community Veterinary Services Pty Ltd

    Authored multi-clinic veterinary hospital application used for the management of the clinics' clinical, customer and pathology information. The retail database was used across two veterinary clinics with concurrent users.

    The database was intergrated with connectivity to Gribbles e-pathology online services.

    Website: http://vetbasic.org

    Medical Records

    Project for Rolls Printing Pty Ltd

    Implemented a medical records inventory software application.

    Link: http://rocode.com/rolls/


    Member of PSA Products Pty Ltd

    Tinkered with PIR sensors, reed switches and pressure mats.

    Link: http://rocode.com/sensors/

  • Attended training in the installation of the Supa 8 Burglar Alarm